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Meet our handsome four-legged patriarchs. They are all well loved and very much an integral part of our family. Learn more about their age, pedigree, character, health profile and more below.

Amber Mae

Golden Retriever

When she was born, Amber Mae completely captivated us.  She is a very energetic Golden. She was our first and we immediately fell in love with her and the breed. Amber Mae will soon be 9 years old.


Brandie Lynn

Golden Retriever

There’s no doubt Brandie Lynn is going to wonderful mother. With her outgoing  personality, she loves to show and receive plenty of love and attention! Brandie Lynn is 2 years old and actually gave birth to her first litter of puppies on her birthday :) .

Our Family: Males

Maggie Rose

Golden Retriever

We love all our animals at Life Is Golden - Golden Retrievers, and Maggie Rose is one of the most beautiful types of this breed we have ever seen. She has a wonderfully cheeky disposition that compliments her long fluffy hair and her light golden colors blend wonderfully within the two coats of hair that goldens flaunt with style. Maggie Rose will be 2 this year.


Sir Jax Sun Bentley

The youngest of our furry family members. Sir Jax Sun Bentley just joined our family this week. He is adjusting well to playing with his new big "sisters", snuggling on the couch on these cold winter nights and sleeping with mommy and daddy because he's scared. Sir Jax Sun Bentley is 9 months old now.


Our Girls

Amber Mae, Brandie Lynn, Maggie Rose


Our Family

Left to right- Brandie Lynn, Maggie Rose, Sir Jax Sun Bentley, Amber Mae

Our Family: Available Pets

Our Boy

Sir Jax Sun Bentley


Same as above picture but as you can see Sir Jax Sun Bentley has grown into a very BIG boy.


Our family has grown yet again. Everyone is getting big and beautiful. Our youngest Autumn grace is Brandie Lynn's daughter and she is a joy to have join our ever growing home.


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